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Your neighbourhood is that part of Seniors4Generations where you
get to tell your story of the neighbourhood in which you grew up in.

In this section of Seniors4Generations you will be able to upload audio descriptions of your community, people and events that begin to paint a picture of how things were. Link in video and digital photographs to bring to life every element on your block. You can add descriptive text sharing the experiences as a young child growing into adulthood of what created the memories of your community, your neighborhood, your home.

You will be supported by GPS mapping and an easy interface of simple click to upload content in a SAFE, SECURE and Manageable 1, 2, 3 process that even your grandchildren could follow.

Should you have more than one community memory you wish to share with your friends (tribes) at, then please be our guest and create a scrap book of sorts and bring back to life the neighborhoods that you are/were a part of.

It’s simple to create and we will walk you through the steps to bring your story, your neighbourhood, your tail of childhood memories and young adulthood experiences to life.

Be Seeing You!

Teacher Lil.

As you can see from the link below the home I grew up in for the first 5 to 6

Foxbourne Road Tooting Bec SW17 London England

years of my youth are solid brick row homes. From the occupancy by the Romans 43 AD, Anglo-Saxons 1600′s, and with the influence of the English Church the neighborhood went from the description of ‘Dwelling of Slaves’ under Anglo-Saxon rule went full circle to be described as a fashionable bedroom community of south west London and favored by many Victorian socialites.

Tooting Bec, as it is now referred to, was better known during the Anglo-Saxon occupancy as Tota, was a farming village. Throughout the years London and Tooting Bec in particular has been a haven for the new immigrants that seek a better life and educational opportunities that these ever evolving communities provide.

View of my London home:
33 Foxbourne Road, Tooting Bec, London, England

Aerial view of my neighborhood…