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Pension reform proposals from Governor Christie and Senator Sweeney

Angela Delli Santi, at Bloomberg, reported that a proposed bill of Senate President Stephen Sweeney requires increased pension contributions from government workers but leaves retirees out of the mix. Sweeney’s proposal links pension contributions to the financial solvency of retirement funds. It also halts automatic cost-of-living increases but allows for the 9 percent benefit increase. [...]

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If We Raise The Retirement Age, Millions More Will Die Without Retiring

The bland and faux tanned Minority Leader thinks that the issue is that people are living longer and so we have to pay Social Security benefits for a longer period of time, thus making it too expensive. So what is the simple (minded) solution? Raise the age that people can stop working. This way there is less time between our elderly citizens leaving the workforce and dying. That will keep the costs down.

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