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Protecting Your New Freedoms Under the Affordable Care Act

In fact, since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the economy has created over 1 million private sector jobs. Slowing the growth of health care costs, as the Affordable Care Act does, will have the likely impact of creating more jobs since businesses will have to spend less on health care for their employees, potentially resulting in 300,000 additional jobs.

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…and I thought they had all the money!?

One of the biggest problems seniors face hasen’t even been mentioned. The cost of health care related issues. Most already know that medicare will not cover all health related issues. Many seniors feel they will need to work till they drop and feel they can rely on employer funded health plans well into their retirement years. The economic situation we find ourselves in today requires we do more for ourselves. A local company just announced they are going to cut back 7800 jobs. Who do you think they will look at first? Think maybe the 50+ will be the first to go?

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On becoming a ‘senior citizen’ . . .

I suspect that it will be a long, long, time until the world makes any sense to me. Given that I want to hang around for a long, long, time, I guess that is a convenient co-incidence.

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Interview: Senator Jeff Van Drew, 1st Legislative District – State of New Jersey

Senator Jeff Van Drew, 1st Legislative District – State of New Jersey An interview with NJ Senator Jeff Van Drew

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Care Givers Under 25!

A true go getter that literally sailed the seas and brought her family across three continents within which she established her life style, how things were to be achieved. Now dependent on her children she received good care and better than most.

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