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The baby boomer seniors will have more financial and market information at their fingertips than any generation ever. The only problem is that they don’t have the time to process it.

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..they’re back! The scam of your life.

Seniors on Medicare don’t have to do anything to receive their $250 rebate check for hitting the Medicare part D coverage gap, the Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (IAAAA) noted Monday. Scammers posing as Health and Human Services officials are calling seniors and saying they need personal information, such as a Social Security or Medicare number or a signature to process the rebate checks, according to one official with the state’s Senior Medicare Patrol. IAAAA is reminding seniors and their caregivers that Medicare officials will never call and ask for Medicare or other personal information.

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Legal day for seniors is August 14

If you are a senior citizen, an adult child with an aging parent or a care giver, you may want to attend one or many of the sessions.

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On becoming a ‘senior citizen’ . . .

I suspect that it will be a long, long, time until the world makes any sense to me. Given that I want to hang around for a long, long, time, I guess that is a convenient co-incidence.

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Impact of the expanded senior citizens law

It is probably safe to assume that, if the promotional discount is granted based on the gross selling price, then this will be allowed as a deduction from gross sales — and shall not be limited to being deducted from the gross income — for income tax purposes.

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So why are we still vulnerable? Have we learnt anything!

Do not be fooled by official-sounding corporate names. Some scam artists operate under names that sound like those of long-standing, reputable firms.

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Seniors, Seniors, Seniors, you should know better!

It’s as if these people came with no parenting or guidance from grandparents. Opp’s did I let the DOG out of the bag? Hey you, stop insulting my dog! Sorry animal husbandry folks…we have three of our own.

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