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…and our senior citizens are in the mix!

An analysis of how different generations are getting their news suggests that these trends are likely to continue. In 2010, for the first time, the internet has surpassed television as the main source of national and international news for people younger than 30. Since 2007, the number of 18 to 29 year olds citing the internet as their main source has nearly doubled, from 34% to 65%. Over this period, the number of young people citing television as their main news source has dropped from 68% to 52%.

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I told you those seniors are independent active folks! Take a LOOK!

“Seniors are not a medical problem and not a health problem. All of us face ageing. We should see it as a social issue,” she told the news source.

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So why are we still vulnerable? Have we learnt anything!

Do not be fooled by official-sounding corporate names. Some scam artists operate under names that sound like those of long-standing, reputable firms.

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Seniors, Seniors, Seniors, you should know better!

It’s as if these people came with no parenting or guidance from grandparents. Opp’s did I let the DOG out of the bag? Hey you, stop insulting my dog! Sorry animal husbandry folks…we have three of our own.

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