A Sitdown with Natasha Hastings

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A very first glance at Natasha Hastings, the Locust Grove, Georgia resident, I can see how a single would make the assumption that the 25 year old track star, who by the way can also be a four time World Champion inside the game, is usually a model by trade. If you’re one of those folks, then stand corrected since the Brooklyn, New York raised, former University of South Carolina under armour tanks track preeminent, is really serious about her selected specialty, and that’s Under Armour USA running.

Even with Natasha Hastings bedazzling around the Red Carpet of ESPN the Magazine Release Party, where Hastings also unleashed The Body Challenge, a garmentless magazine superpose, it’s been all online business, and also the concentrate getting competing in the crme de la creme of track meets.

Last week, I had the opportunity of having a discussion with Hastings, who’s currently in Austin, Texas instruction for her upcoming USA Trails for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which will take place in London, England.

During my exclusive interview, Natasha Hastings divulged how track pulled her into a productive vortex of a career. “I was born into the sport. Each my parents ran track and my dad was a track coach”, stated Hastings.

Hastings also revealed during our dialogue that getting an Olympic Gold Medalist back in 2008, was a dream come accurate, a surreal moment that was transcended by the presence of her parents, brother and grandparents.

Most recently throughout the 2011 2012 campaign, Natasha Hastings continued to add to her assemblage of acknowledgements by producing planet class records in champion like fashion.

Let us reflect with all the Boston Indoor Games, the outcome, a champion meet record. Subsequent, the USA Indoor together with the aftereffect becoming a championship record time of 50.83. Hastings would also go on to claim the Millrose Games champion and the World Outside Gold Medal in the 4×400 meter.

Natasha Hastings has not just been prosperous on the track, but off the track too, noting the enticing of high tech sports put on organization Under Armour, who’s the sponsor for Hastings, who explained how the partnership initiated. “Under Armour called me to express their interest in sponsoring me. Two days later they flew out to me with them in addition to a couple of weeks later I was signing a multi year agreement”, replied Hastings.

After the 2012 Summer time Olympic Games, the following cease for Natasha Hastings will be the Diamond League Meets, in addition to other scheduled visits across Europe. Nonetheless, we can be crystal that Hastings will continue to be the frontier that she is for her sport, in addition to affixing to her selection of decorations of World Championships and individual finest.

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