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36 Days 9 Hours to Hell!

The jobs that will be created for the reconstruction and rebuilding of Japan is one (long term) benefit that will result from this unfortunate earthquake, but its hard to envision Japan’s revival in the midst of their worst crisis since World War II.

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Seniors can go a hunting too you know: Antler restrictions can help hunters

Regardless of your personal feelings, on this subject, there’s one thing we can all do to improve hunter success and satisfaction: Get rid of the poachers. Report the road-hunters, night shooters and all other violators to the authorities.

Hunting is for hunters, not criminals. Set high ethical standards for yourself and all members of your hunting party and enjoy the great privilege of hunting.

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Your life is yours to do with as you please at any moment in “its” time.

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Truley insperational.

Senior citizens engaging life to the fullest. The Value of Experience

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Future thought!

Our future is the same as the past…ask better questions and substantiate your beliefs.

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