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State of New Jersey Departmet of Health & Senior Services

If you, or someone close to you, is in a hospital or nursing facility and could benefit from this program, ask to speak with the Community Choice counselor assigned to that facility or call our toll-free number at 1-877-856-0877.

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This fact places providers in a difficult position of attempting to meet consumers varied preferences while complying with regulations and an inequitable and arbitrary funding system that has failed to meet the actual cost of care for decades.
For example, the capital costs for nursing facilities under the Medicaid program are capped at one-tenth of the actual cost and have been for over 20 years despite numerous and costly increases in regulations during that period of time.

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Susceptible Senior Citizens

In general, there seems to be an overall reluctance to report financial exploitation. Elderly victims may fail to report the crime either because of their own incapacity or because of the stigma they feel may be attached to their being identified as a victim. An older person may also be reluctant to report a relative or caregiver because of the emotional attachment to that perso

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Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Mortality in a Defined Population of Older Persons

Conclusions: The results suggest that higher extraversion and lower neuroticism are associated with reduced risk of mortality in old age and that these associations are mediated in part by personality-related patterns of cognitive, social, and physical activity.
Key Words: neuroticism • extraversion • mortality • cognitive activity • social activity • physical activity

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Maryland, Department of Aging FAQ

My mother lives out-of-state and is no longer able to take care of herself due to declining health. How can I find out what services are available in her state?

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World AIDS Day

International Relief and Development (IRD) has created a program called Women First,
which integrates gender-focused HIV/AIDS education with small business skills training. In
doing this, IRD makes it so that women don’t have to choose between educating
themselves and supporting their families.

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Americans Outlive English, Study Finds

“If you get sick at older ages, you will die sooner in England than in the United States,” study author James P. Smith, PhD, of the nonprofit RAND corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., says in a news release. “It appears that at least in terms of survival at older ages with chronic disease, the medical system in the United States may be better than the system in England.”

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