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A Fresh Look at Brain-Based Education

Because of Bruer’s and others’ critiques, many educators decided that they were simply not capable of understanding how our brain works. Other educators may have decided that neuroscience has nothing to offer and that the prudent path would be simply to ignore the brain research for now and follow the yellow brick road to No Child Left Behind. Maybe some went so far as to say, “What’s the brain got to do with learning?” But brain-based education has withstood the test of time, and an accumulating body of empirical and experiential evidence confirms the validity of the new model.

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“advise the (City) Commission on the needs of senior citizens,

“People who seek out to serve typically serve with more passion and that bodes well for the seniors on the board as well as those throughout the community,” he said.

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A Bloody Britian

In just over 150 pages, this slim paperback book covers English history from prehistoric man through World War II. Funny as it is (I was laughing out loud all the way through), this book summarizes the history of England very accurately. It also makes a point.

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Your philosophy is what you do at 3:00 in the morning.

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Life starts at 66!

Manfred Zimmermann has many plans. One source of inspiration for him was German bestseller “The Methusula Conspiracy” by Frank Schirrmacher, which he read during the humid tropical nights in Malaysia. The novel is about the historic opportunity for old people in future, who will soon be in the majority, to take steps to end ageist discrimination.

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Gray Pleasures A Love Story of Ageless Passion Robert W. Birch

Seriously, I hope the author can be convinced to write more of this type of book. After all, we all like to read about characters who look like us. And goodness knows, there are enough of us older folks around these days to provide a good market for more books of this kind.

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A book per month

The ability to adjust one’s thoughts and actions in light of the results of acquired knowledge, it’s application, denotes a willingness to adjust to the reality of life, intelligence.

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