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…and will are still talking about this ‘Generation-Gab thing!

During the 2009-2010 academic year, hundreds of USM students contributed nearly 28,000 hours of service to the community, 68 percent of which were the result of service learning courses designed to provide opportunities to apply what students are learning in the classroom to real-world issues.

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We are still up for grabs!

The study, conducted by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, showed that such attacks frequently knocked such sites offline.

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If We Raise The Retirement Age, Millions More Will Die Without Retiring

The bland and faux tanned Minority Leader thinks that the issue is that people are living longer and so we have to pay Social Security benefits for a longer period of time, thus making it too expensive. So what is the simple (minded) solution? Raise the age that people can stop working. This way there is less time between our elderly citizens leaving the workforce and dying. That will keep the costs down.

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…and I thought they had all the money!?

One of the biggest problems seniors face hasen’t even been mentioned. The cost of health care related issues. Most already know that medicare will not cover all health related issues. Many seniors feel they will need to work till they drop and feel they can rely on employer funded health plans well into their retirement years. The economic situation we find ourselves in today requires we do more for ourselves. A local company just announced they are going to cut back 7800 jobs. Who do you think they will look at first? Think maybe the 50+ will be the first to go?

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2009 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement)

The deadline for filing 2009 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications
has been extended to Nov. 1. The current deadline is Aug. 2.
The State Budget permits applicants who received a reimbursement last year to get a
check in 2010, provided their 2009 income was $70,000 or less and they meet all other
eligibility requirements. However, the budget limits reimbursement payments to the
amount the applicant received last year.

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Party likes it’s…choose your decade!

The fascinating results of the study conducted in Sweden and reported earlier this year is this: People with the lowest dementia risk have a combination of low neuroticism and high extraversion on the Eysenck. Further, among socially isolated individuals, even low neuroticism alone shows a relationship with decreased dementia risk.

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What has America Got!

Russell Simmons, Warren Buffett, John Z. Delorean, Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Charles Schwab, Earl G. Graves and my favorite Reginald F. Lewis just to name a few who began with nothing except their minds.

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