Seniors4Generations.com (formally
SeniorNetworkProvider.com) created by Ronald M. Allen is an
on line community for independent active seniors 50+. The
community allows our senior citizens 50+ to share their experiences, voice their opinions and discuss with advocates, the numerous issues that face an increasing number of citizens who are aging as independent active citizens. ‘Engaging Life’, sharing ‘The Value of Experience’.

Seniors4Generations.com gives a voice to our 50+ citizens by providing the opportunity to post their own Blogs about issues that are important to them. Our Forum is a place for guests to add their own topics of discussion and share the wealth of knowledge that is among our virtual community. Our Video interviews bring you the opinions of citizens around the nation, health care legislators, professional service providers and advocates for the well being of our 50+ citizens. We invite you to contribute your thoughts and opinions in an open manner in a constructive meaningful way – Seeking solutions, Providing Answers, Engaged in Life!

Seniors4Generations.com, previously known as SeniorNetworkProvider.com was created in May 2003 as ’MyHome YourHome’ talk radio, broadcasting on 1540 AM New World Radio out of Bala Cynwyd, PA. By interviewing subject matter experts and hearing the live responses of the community, solutions, services and issues were addressed in support of the community.

The flexibility of the internet as a medium permits us to present the views of senior citizens. This open forum provides real time feedback, unbiased social pressure and an opportunity to learn what their needs and challenges are in maintaining an independent active, respectful, meaningful life.

Our Philosophy is simple – Engaged in Life, The Value of Experience,

Our Mission is: Share the Value of Experience

Our Vision Is: Recognize the unique perspective of our 50+ community in helping
the youth navigate life.

Ronald has worked in the Mortgage Banking industry for thirteen plus years. During this time a common thread of interest expressed by those aging in place has been, “What can I do now that I am over the hill? How to afford their homes and maintain a meaningful life as they become less active”?

Be Seeing You!