How will aging affect Arizona? How will aging affect you?

Arizonans age 65 and older are a rapidly growing segment of our population. The aging of our society is going to have great influence on our way of life, affecting all aspects of society, especially healthcare systems, the economy & government programs. There are reasons to be optimistic about the aging of our population. Arizonans can live vital, healthy and productive lives in what has been called the third age of life.

Several basic elements of healthy aging include: Physical Activity and good nutrition; Disease Prevention and health promotion; Maintaining one’s independence through Injury Prevention and decreasing the risk for disability.

Healthy Aging Arizona provides health information for older Arizonans.

Watch the video: National Falls Prevention Awareness – Katherine Brewer

For professionals, the Healthy Aging Communication Network and Professional Resources, links provide data on the health of older Arizonans and resources for planning strategies and initiatives to promote physical activity, and healthy lifestyles to enhance the well-being of Arizonans 50 years and older.

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