Are British like americans today?

I have seen movies of Britain portraying people during the 1700′s as very posh like and sophisticated with a very unique dialogue. But now in todays world based on the media I see English people very similar to americans in manner and in dialogue not the same but similar(Except for Scottish people they rule!) but I’m not saying americans are not sophisticated in fact most intelligent and high classed people I have seen are americans just not like english posh. Is this just a global trend that everybody is going through that society has developed into or are americans influencing britain economically and by culture and by the way they dress because I know jeans came from America.
I asked this on the American Yahoo just recently so I am hoping the responses are different on Britain yahoo
PS: I’m not suggesting british becoming like american is a good thing. I actually admired the country and hope it never becomes american because british people are cool the way they are. But I also wish Britain was more 1700′s like.


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