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AEP hike outlined at hearing – Utility rate hike.

Steve Ferguson, director of regulatory service for Appalachian Power stated that “we understand that it is a difficult time to request an increase,” He claimed that, while consumers are feeling the increase in the cost of living, so too has Appalachian Power; “We are facing the rising cost needed to provide safe, efficient and reliable service.”

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World AIDS Day

International Relief and Development (IRD) has created a program called Women First,
which integrates gender-focused HIV/AIDS education with small business skills training. In
doing this, IRD makes it so that women don’t have to choose between educating
themselves and supporting their families.

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Americans Outlive English, Study Finds

“If you get sick at older ages, you will die sooner in England than in the United States,” study author James P. Smith, PhD, of the nonprofit RAND corporation in Santa Monica, Calif., says in a news release. “It appears that at least in terms of survival at older ages with chronic disease, the medical system in the United States may be better than the system in England.”

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