Maryland, Department of Aging FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My mother lives out-of-state and is no longer able to take care of herself due to declining health. How can I find out what services are available in her state?

A: Call Elder Care Locator, a nationwide, directory assistance service for older persons and care givers to help them find local support resources for aging Americans. The toll-free number is 1-800-677-1116.

Q: I’m unable to drive my car anymore but I still need to get to my medical appointments, the food store and over to see my friends at the senior center. Is there any transportation assistance available for seniors?

A: In Maryland, there are many transportation options for seniors, including reduced fares on public transportation. A call to your local Senior Information and Assistance Office can help you find out what’s available in your area.

Q: My uncle is a resident of a nursing home and in the last few weeks I have begun to notice several disturbing signs of neglect. How can I investigate this without alienating the nursing home staff?

A: The Maryland Long Term Care Ombudsman Program protects the rights and promotes the well-being of residents in nursing and domiciliary care homes and other long term care facilities. The local Ombudsman serves as an advocate, investigates concerns and works to resolve problems or complaints. Call Senior Information and Assistance to locate an Ombudsman in your area.

Q: I don’t understand my Medicare benefits. Is there someone I can call who could explain how this insurance coverage works?

A: The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides trained insurance benefits counselors for seniors who are having problems related to their health insurance. Contact your local Senior Information and Assistance Office and ask for the SHIP counselor.

Q: What government and other financial benefits could help me?

A: Here is a link to general eligibility requirements for selected Government financial benefits for Marylanders. General Eligibility Requirements for Selected Government Financial Benefits. You can also go to Benefits CheckUp Benefits CheckUP a service of the National Council on Aging, to find other resources.

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