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How is your garden growing?

Take a few minutes to write one of your
own on extending unemployment benefits, getting FMAP money
(federal Medicaid aid to states) released to the states or defending
health care reform. Or another topic that resonates with you
right now. If your letter is under 250 words and makes a good case,
it has a good chance of being published.

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Will More Insurers Control Health Care Costs Better?

Widgets versus health insurance. As someone who has long taught micro-economics I understand, of course, why competition among multiple producers in the market for the legendary widget will drive down the price of widgets to minimum feasible production costs, plus a small profit margin, if widget makers buy the inputs they use in similarly competitive input markets. This is the standard textbook case of perfect competition.

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Respectable Senior Citizen Employment

The older, low-income people who enroll in the SCSEP have different attributes and a different set of needs from younger adults and from more affluent, older adults. Some older people take part in the JTPA IIA training that is open to all adults, but only a small percentage of those eligible do so. This is partly because such training programs do not target older people or because they fear failure or competition with younger individuals (Plett and Lester 1991). Generally, older, low-income adults do better when they are not lumped with the younger population in training situations.

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Happy birthday to ya Barray Soetoro!

Once closed by Senator Barry Goldwater, the father of modern conservatism, the Republican leadership has opened the doors of their party to the John Birch Society and other reactionary extremists. With cries of wanting to take back OUR country and we want OUR America back,

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