Birthday Games for Senior Citizens

…but what about the safari?????????

By Christen Robinson, eHow Contributing Writer

Turning 80, 90 or 100 should not be a dull, humdrum affair. Pull out all the stops and celebrate your birthday honoree properly. The best birthday parties are personalized and meaningful to the guest of honor. Take game ideas that will work for a variety of ability levels and make them special by adding an individualized twist.

Name that Song

Create a compilation of songs from different decades. Relate the time frame to the honoree’s life, such as songs from her college years. Play clips of the songs for the party guests to identify. Allow guests to shout out answers or provide a piece of paper so the guests can write their answers down. Give prizes to the guests who identify the most songs.

Birthday Bingo

  • Take the classic, but possibly overplayed, game of bingo and personalize it for your birthday honoree. Make bingo boards that have words or pictures of meaningful things from the honoree’s life. Consider hobbies, family members, favorite foods or pets. Play the game according to the standard rules.


  • Create trivia questions based on the honoree’s life. Consider categories such as family, hobbies or career. You can keep the game simple by asking the questions and allowing guests to shout out the answers. Or, you can divide the guests into teams. The teams can take turns discussing and answering questions. Assign points to questions based on level of difficulty. The team with the most points wins.

  • Picture Puzzle

  • Enlarge a few photographs of the birthday honoree. Cut the photographs into puzzle pieces and put them in a bag. Divide the guests into teams and give each team a bag. The first team to put the picture back together is the winner.

  • …when do we go on the safari???????????????????????

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