What has America Got!

To the youth of yesteryear talking with the youth of today for the benefit of our grandchildren.

At a time when reflective thought followed by constructive action would revitalize this nation with a goal towards inclusion, the ME in America can stand for me to! I am and was a part of rebuilding this great nation. Inclusive of all people that have already contributed yet not recognized.

What a legacy for our children and beyond!

So let’s see how to take it to the next level?

Because you have never had to deal with life changes when there were no ‘new opportunities’ to pursue!

Because you can go back to school and get another under-graduate and graduate degree to compete in the labor pools!

Because you can take a plan and chase employment opportunities that are overseas!

Because inspite of having a family member that requires 24/7 one on one care, you and your mate can sill go out to an evening affair.

Stop crying America, you have enjoyed an intense run of wealth building and personal comfort the world has never known. Your rich history is made up of immigrants and migrants pursuing and achieving their life’s goals. Take a moment and check it.

Russell Simmons, Warren Buffett, John Z. Delorean, Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Charles Schwab, Earl G. Graves and my favorite Reginald F. Lewis just to name a few who began with nothing except their minds.

Perhaps we should look at the ‘Freedoms’ that are in place that allow us these thoughts? Perhaps we should ‘Value’ the freedom to pursue what we like? The world is still beating a path to our shores. My family did!

Mahatma Gandhi -India
Nelson Mandela – South Africa
Vladimir Ilich Lenin – Former Soviet Union, Russia

Take a look at citizens from your own country, your own nationality who forged a path for others to follow. Now seek out those who immigrated and achieved their desired goals and ask yourself what exactly is holding you back. what issues do you really have to contend with?

The value of experience is just a platitude when viewed from the comfort of our arm chairs. Rather it is the point of contact with resistance in life that determines who you are. That two or three o’clock in the morning insomia that won’t let you rest. What is your philosophy – is determined at that moment of insecurity. My father gave me a few words of advice, ‘don’t be in a hurry to grow up, you’ll have plenty of time to make decisions’. Are you ready to make your life’s decisions based upon an emotional high or a level headed, distance yourself from the moment and realize it took a while to get hear.

Nina Simone says it best: Ain’t Got No…I’ve Got Life. Nina Simone, Ain\’t Got No…I\’ve Got Life

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