UK Private Investigators: UK Background Checks for Scams Are Booming

London Investigators See Significant Rise in Scams

U.K. based private investigators have reported a sharp increase in online fraud and internet scams for 2010. Investigators say requests for UK background checks are nearly double the level of 2009, and that the economic troubles worldwide appear to be fueling the trend. Industry insiders say it is common for fraud and scam activity to increase during a recession, but there are other factors at play as well. London private investigators say the growing trend in online dating and social networking sites has also supported the rise in internet fraud, business and romance scams, advance fee fraud, and false identity cases worldwide.

Demographics for the U.K. has changed dramatically, as the nation struggles with ongoing illegal immigration and continues to be overwhelmed with persons of non-European origin. This new face of the United Kingdom has imported more than just different faces. Investigators say that many Nigerian scams are now carried out from the U.K. by Nigerians who are often in the country illegally. And the list goes on. International private investigators with operations in London, such as Wymoo® International, say that background check, due diligence and international private investigation cases are booming largely in part to the trend in globalization, and the migration of people and business across borders. There is also a trust factor. People from the developing world are cashing in on the trust of people from the developed world. Verifying people, relationships and backgrounds is now an essential step to avoid fraud and scams, say investigators.

Growth projections for the private investigation and background check industry in the U.K. is expected to remain stable as the economy recovers. Investigators expect to see some decrease in the scam and fraud levels as economies recover, when and if the recovery comes. In the meantime, insiders say an international background check is a wise insurance policy for those with relationships, business deals, and investments abroad. The alternative, private investigators say, can far exceed the cost and trouble of a background check or due diligence case

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