Word Funnels

Rich’s Word Funnel

by Richard Simon-Bierenbaum resb27@comcast.net


The object of this word game is to remove one letter at a
time so that you are able to make a word with the remaining
letters by anagraming them .

Ex: gather(remove an h) – great (remove a g) – tear
(remove an e)– rat – at – a. Give it a try!!

Each week a new word or series of words will be presented. You get to create as many words as you can. Are you ready?

Try this familiar word for starters:
This weeks word: Senior
Anagram: senior –noise–sine–sin–is–I

This weeks word: Citizens
Anagram: incites–cities–site–sit–it–I

This weeks word: Teacher
Anagram: heater–earth–rate–tar–at–a

This weeks word: Universe
Anagrams: inverse– serine –rinse–sine–sun–in–I

This weeks word: Serine

This weeks word: Futile

This weeks word: Twinkle
Anagrams: tinkle–inlet–line–nil–in–I

This weeks word: Tranquil
Anagrams: quintal–quaint–quint–unit–tin–in–I

This weeks word: Contain
Anagrams: nation–anion–anon–nan–an–a

This weeks word: Pension
Anagrams: ponies–spine–snip–sip–is–I

This weeks word: Inherit
Anagrams: hinter–their–tire–tip–it–I

This weeks word: America
Anagrams: camera–cream–mare–arm–am–I

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