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Good afternoon,

Again, I apologize for more mail in so short a time but two more letters
from local supporters of economic justice and reasonable civic discourse
have appeared in the Courier.

Today our friends, Eleanor Guerriero and Ida Tino, both have had
their letters published.  Eleanor’s is here <> .  Ida’s is here <> .
Congrats and thanks to both!

Please be inspired and encouraged by all the letters we’ve
seen published lately.  Take a few minutes to write one of your
own on extending unemployment benefits, getting FMAP money
(federal Medicaid aid to states) released to the states or defending
health care reform. Or another topic that resonates with you
right now.  If your letter is under 250 words and makes a good case,
it has a good chance of being published.  Remember, the letters page
is one of the best ways to get a message out to our neighbors.  As
always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

FMAP is an especially serious issue.  Pennsylvania, as well as other
states, have included FMAP money in their 2011 budgets.  For PA
that means $850M.  If that amount is cut at all, we’re looking at cuts
in addition to the ones we’ve already suffered to adult literacy, our libraries,
the Department of Environmental Protection, certain early education programs
and much more.  Cong. Murphy is on record requesting the full amount but
he needs our support against people who call that “wasteful spending.”
Letters about FMAP, thank you calls to Cong. Murphy and calls to your
federal and state lawmakers asking them to ask for that money now are all

Cong. Murphy’s number is 215.826.1963.
Sen. Specter’s number is 215.597.7200
Sen. Casey’s number is 215.405.9660
You can find your state lawmakers’ contact info here <> .

Also – please note that Social Security Works has launched their
website at  If you’re looking for facts
about the strength of Social Security, Social Security Works is the
place to go.  Please tell your friends.

Thanks and keep up the terrific work,
eR :)

The federal budget is a moral document.

Robin Stelly
Field Coordinator
Penn Action
c: 203.216.9719

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