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they’re back, and they want everything!

Seniors are always the major targets of scam scheme sometimes resulting massive financial loses.
Frauds like investment ,Medicare and Phone are the concerning area ,which still remains problem for elders.

For crime stars these are major areas where they can strike and cash huge money gains .A latest scam seems popping up in wake of Medicare part D rebate scams where seniors can be prime victims ,warns health care agencies.

According to Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (IAAAA) cautioned seniors that they must be aware of $250 Medicare prescription drug rebate checks fraud where fraudsters are making every efforts to defraud them . Here the crime artists are playing smart tactics by calling seniors and asking for personal information like social security of Medicare number in order to get the their $250 rebate check for Medicare part D.

IAAAA thus making it’s every effort to aware the elders that medical officials never calls and asks for any personal information . As seniors are eligible ,HSS will duely take care to mail the checks.

For eligibility a senior must already have Medicare prescription drug coverage and must not be on the Medicare Extra Help program. And another important thing is that seniors do not need to take any action to receive the checks.

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…and you think you have information overload?

Fortunately, NCOA is a little more measured than me. They’ve created materials to help seniors understand the law and what their benefits are under the law. Now we need to get out there and help them understand it, because seniors’ health is as important a feature of the new law as coverage of the uninsured.

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Stand, sit…Oh! just be heard you young Seniors, you!

Launching their demands, Seniors Vote 2010, at the start of an intense two-week marginal seats campaign, National Seniors Australia chief executive, Michael O’Neill, challenged this year’s contenders to demonstrate their commitment to older voters. “How significant are the over-50s to you and what policies and plans do you have for them?

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On becoming a ‘senior citizen’ . . .

I suspect that it will be a long, long, time until the world makes any sense to me. Given that I want to hang around for a long, long, time, I guess that is a convenient co-incidence.

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Birthday Games for Senior Citizens

when do we go on the safari?

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Talk about generational challenges!

The World Expo has improved the ethical conduct of people in a variety of ways, and the citizen engagement in only one aspect. One of my acquaintances, a senior citizen in his 70s, told me on the way that he had already made four trips to the Expo and would make an additional round of it four more times, since the Expo covers a wide range of topics and there is too much to learn from.

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There is simply nothing to say…these ladies ROCK!

Celebrities senior girls having fun their way.

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