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NFCA offers a virtual library of information and educational materials ranging from national educational campaigns to Tips and Tools for family caregivers, information on agencies and organizations which provide caregiver support, to communicating effectively workshops. 

Become part of NFCA’s Family Caregiver Community. Please sign up today. Access the latest resources, connect with others, and find support with NFCA’s Family Caregiver Community. Throughout the year, we offer family caregivers who sign up FREE resources including: our monthly e-letters and quarterly newsletter, educational brochures to support your day-to-day responsibilities. You can also participate in the NFCA online story bank with stories from caregivers across the country and Pen Pal program that connects you directly with others who are caring for loved ones.

If you are currently on Medicare, caring for someone on Medicare, or you will soon be eligible for Medicare, there is a new educational pamphlet, Medicare’s Preventive Care Services (PDF) which contains information on free or low-cost preventive services and screenings as well as advice on managing cholesterol and ensuring heart health for you and your loved ones. Learn More about Medicare  

The following information and links will direct you to important resources:

Tips and Tools: NFCA’s popular 10 Tips for Family Caregivers and How to Guides and other great Web site tools designed to help Family Caregivers.

Agencies and Organizations: Find hundreds caregiving Web sites and resources for insurance, training, respite, disease-specific information and medicare, etc.

CCAN – Caregiver Community Action Network: In an effort to bring the NFCA’s mission and support directly to family caregivers, a state network of dedicated volunteers has been created to provide vital information, education, and support.

NFCA Publications: NFCA resource library offers essential caregiver educational materials and the inspirational book entitled A Family Caregiver Speaks Up“It Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard”, the revised and updated edition of Love, Honor & Value, a glimpse into the life of a family caregiver authored by Suzanne Mintz, who is the President and Cofounder of NFCA.

Take Care Newsletter: NFCA’s quarterly newsletter written to provide members of NFCA with information, insight, support, and knowledge. Includes archive of all newsletters back to 2001.

Health Care Information: This section has been created to provide you with information on specific diseases, conditions, and symptoms. The content has been provided to NFCA by sponsoring companies and organizations that have provided NFCA with an educational grants in return for the right to provide this information to you.

Depression in Caregivers: Depression is significantly more common in family caregivers than in the rest of the population. This special section will teach you about major depression, direct you to a screening test and other depression resources, and give you ideas for coping with depression and the stress that can cause it or make it worse.

Family Caregiving 101: The National Family Caregivers Association, (NFCA) in conjunction with the National Alliance of Caregivers, (the Alliance) created a powerful national campaign entitled: Family Caregiving: It’s not all up to you to aide in educational services and support for family caregivers.

Medical ID’s for Family Caregivers: If you were hurt and could not speak, who would know to help your loved one? If you were wearing a specially designed “I am a family caregiver” bracelet, pendant or dog tag, the answer is EVERYONE. American Medical ID and the National Family Caregivers Association are partnering to promote the use of medical identification jewelry for family caregivers because it provides freedom for caregivers who want confidence that their family member’s health will be attended to in the event they are unable to do so.

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