Senior Citizen Job Opportunities.

Senior citizen job opportunities are available if you look in the right places.

You have the expertise, wisdom, and come from the most hard working generation on the planet!

While you may want to work for some extra income, going out in the traffic every day can be a bummer. Why not try work at home jobs

Many employers recognize these skills and attributes.

You need to decide what you want to do, whether it is a part time or full time, and then list what you are willing to do.

Do you have the highly skilled engineering background? Go to Boeing, Panasonic or other large company where you know they need these skills.

Ask if the company has a person in charge of senior citizen employment

Whether you are recently retired or out of the work force for a while, there is something you can do. We will be exploring what is available, what some of which you can do at home or for a neighbor in need.

There are senior citizen job opportunities at many of the retail stores and businesses. Some are part time and looking for people who just want to supplement their income.

Companies are hiring but not always advertising that fact. If you know anyone at the company, call them first. If not, get dressed up in your finest work clothes, grab your resume, and go knocking on a few doors. The worst they can say is no.

Don’t have a resume? Learn how to make a resume.

A job overseas in Japan would be a great way to visit a new culture, and have a great job as an English language teacher.

Where do you study for an TESOL certification? You can find out all about teaching in Japan, certification requirements, the beautiful Japanese culture and more at Kevin’s web site, How to teach English in

Since 1991, Kevin`s English Schools have been teaching English in Japan. Kevin is originally Canadian. He now has three schools, one in Kanagawa, Japan and teaches around 100 students. The other two are in Minami Ashigara City and Odawara.

He fell in love with Japan, and stayed. You can, too.

For detailed information, please visit our friends at their site, How to Teach English Living in Japan.

I have been hired directly at most of my jobs. These were usually not advertised. Remember, you are saving them money by arriving before they put that advertising money out there. You have qualities and experience that they can use somewhere. And most companies realize and appreciate your motivation to find work.

Try your local unemployment office for advice. Does your county have a worksource location for retraining senior citizens

If looking for a job isn’t workable, you may consider making your own web site. There is an easy way to build a money making website through SBI, Site Build It.

It is easier than you might think with the necessary items already in place, and step by step guide. This is a great job opportunity for seniors since you can work at home and you can make your website about your personal interest, hobby or craft.

For more information and testimonials, check the Site Build It page

When a job is impossible to find you have other options. Many people have a skill or hobby they enjoy. Do you like computers? Do you enjoy looking up information online, writing in a blog, twitter or Facebook? You can make money doing online jobs for seniors. online jobs for seniors

Health care is a continually growing field. Not surprising since we are getting getting more dependent on medications as we age and fall apart.

Hospitals needs nurses. Schooling is required and specialized in most medical areas. Two short trainings exceptions are for caregivers and x-ray technicians. Local community colleges have classes available.

There are senior citizen job opportunities in caregiving work. Not all require lifting. Some of the jobs just require driving to get groceries or some housework and companionship.

There are some classes you can take to be a NRA or CNA designated caregiver. Or you can freelance at your neighbor’s or friend’s elderly parent’s home as a home health caregiver

If actually doing the physical work of a health care worker is not going to work for you, it is easy enough to hire a few nursing assistants to work for your eldercare business.

The Elder care Business is a growing field.

On our hobbies page, we have information about woodworkers who can make money starting a home improvement business, or just make one item that many homeowners are in need of. Sheds, finishing carports into garages or family rooms, outdoor play areas are among the many creative jobs that you can do with woodworking

For those who like to use computers, or may have numerous office skills, writing jobs for seniors are a plenty.

On the Internet, there are a variety of places that are looking for people who can write 250 to 800 words about a subject. Senior citizens have an equal job opportunity online. Click for more information about writing for money

Do you like to take photos? If you have a quality camera and have the talent to take good pictures, you could have a photography business that is entirely online, using a digital camera.

Once you have a portfolio of photographs, you can make your own website and sell the use of them. Also, there are many web sites that allow you to upload from your camera and they sell or lease, giving you

Income from Photography

Are you a traveler who likes to talk about the sites you see? You can do a Travel blog online and make money!

Whatever you put your mind to do, you will find there are many senior citizen job opportunities for you. Hobbies that you can turn into a money making website easily with SBI!


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