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So, here we are at another crucial stage in the history of America, and specifically our economy. From the events of the past ten years our economy has been telling us yet again that it can not maintain extreme levels of growth (15% – 25%), unprecedented expansion in any particular industry sector; inflated oil and gas pricing/directing; or financial instrument modeling), nor can we ignore foreign economies, that we are dependent upon, to continue to exist in abject poverty.

Our health care system is one of the major components of our economy, with a growing population of seniors and rising cost of health care services, there are many challenges that we face. As usual there are unexpected areas within the health care continuum that have not been addressed that contribute to the overall cost of delivering health related services and products. This view will be unearthed along the way. Certainly challenged, we all have come along expecting better management of our health care services and costs.  So I’ll cut to the chase and let you know what this blog and it’s accompanying web site is all about…providing you a voice, a portal to the many resources that are available for all family members that are faced with caring for our seniors. After all they are the ones that gave us life.

Our blog will give you the opportunity to voice your concerns on the healthcare topics and care you are receiving. Our videos will bring you the views, opinions and concerns of seniors just like you about the health care service providers, administrators, case management and social workers from which they have received services from and the level of competency they feel they have received. We will bring you current interviews made with Federal Legislators and national Program Directors to local administrators, advocates and ombudsman. Of cause your contribution is what is most important in voicing your point of view through our Forums, Blogs and personal interviews. Note we are working on allowing you to upload your comments directly to our site to make your experience more relevant and timely. It is your content that makes this community unique. aim is to give you the senior a voice to be heard. What do you need, want have you experienced with the services and healthcare providers that you have visited? We will bring you Federal, State and local rules, regulations and comments on a host of topics all related to the health care industry. For example; did you know that there is an initiative that helps citizens 55+ to acclimate back into the workforce by being trained and instructed to work with their piers and be paid for doing it? Perhaps you may not be aware of the many services your County Administration provides for all family members in time of need. I’ll bring you examples of seniors and their families who have been able to use these services while remaining focused on life. For those who would like to know what to expect in the future for your loved one’s and how the growing senior population will impact your world, I’ll bring you forecasts from the commissions that study future growth expectations and demands on our infer-structure. Of cause any blog worth its weight in salt would provide input from various advocates, ombudsman and legislative committees that bring these issues to the forefront of our minds, and pocket books/wallets.

We will continue to link and share with you regional events and workshops on all manner of topics, issues and health related services and their providers so you will have real time access to information you need when you need it. A consumer’s forum about a consumer’s senior family’s needs.

Be Seeing You!
Ronald M. Allen

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