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When our children and even when we, if we pay attention to our own needs for help/support arise, we probable reach out to our local County Services office. After all there are a multitude of issues they can help with that a family experience. Their purpose is to provide assistance on a wide range of family issues, personal needs and professional development related challenges. These services are provided by federal, national, state specific and even partnerships among not-for-profit and for profit organizations. A value based service that aims to keep us a float of the many challenges our families face along the marathon call ‘life’.

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In addition to these government, (social services) I am sure you have been introduced to your particular companies Employee Assistance Professional Services, (EAP). Again a cooperative effort to bring us value added services and support in a number of areas that can help us with both professional and personal support and or development.

EAP’s have transitioned from a purely clinical service to a focus on general workplace related issues that affect productivity. They are made up of specialist ranging from Coaching and Training personal development support, Human Behavioral Physicians, Health Wellness and Substance Testing Service Providers. Transitional support in the areas of home care and shopping, Child and Pet caring services and even moving/relocation services are being provided for various levels of the labor pool.

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The history of EAP’s in American can be traced back to 1890 in addressing the abuse of alcohol and drugs. EAP’s took hold in Europe initially through religious efforts and the work houses for the economically poor. Even Australia, considered a back water colony made up of the discarded refuge of Europe, legislated some forty years ago for programs in support of its working class for a broad based inclusionary effort addressing social needs over and above drug and alcohol issues. Research has shown that the cost of maintaining employees’ physical and mental health is undoubtedly less expensive than the associated cost of recruiting and training new employees. Employee retention is also a direct benefit of using an EAP program. Ironically it is the camaraderie and solution based thinking that makes these services so powerful. Collectively we can address most issues given time, singularly we are readily defeated.

History has taught us that by supporting the social, mental and emotional needs of a community, this commitment to helping one another gives rise to loyalty and the belief one can make it through the rough times. Whether this support is derived through theological beliefs (Aztec culture, Quaker and Amish social norms, or purely a social responsibility, (humanity) the net effect on our communities is an integration of resources and a bonding of culture and social behavior that removes the ‘fear’, of the moment and gives rise to solutions. If we have a family issue and use ‘intervention’, or need health related assistance and find out about the resources provided by a local health facility, it is the feeling of relief that these initiatives provide and the subsequent support that these programs give that reinvigorates our belief in our society and the culture we are a part of. The determination to find answers, if not temporary solutions to a challenge that is currently being faced, gives rise to the feeling to go on.

Be Seeing You!
Ronald M. Allen


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