Care Givers Under 25!

The young taking care of the elderly is a growing community!

We may recognize the care, parents provide for their children and certainly for the grandchildren, yet there is a large percentage of care givers under the age of twentyfive providing care for their parents.

Children under 25 care for parents

Daughter caring for her Mother

A first hand account is best. I was one of three that took care of our mother who was certainly the extravert of our partents. A true go getter that literally sailed the seas and brought her family across three continents within which she established her life style, how things were to be achieved. Now dependent on her children she received good care and better than most.

It was a time when AARP had just initiated it’s membership for seniors and touted the benefits of group subscription discounts. I went for it hook, line and sinker, and came out smelling like a rose. Mum favored Carnations. The resources I was able to bring to bear on the medical challenges of my mothers health gave me much relief. County services provided both medical care while social secuity provided financial assistance on a host of home expenses. Granted I had to bow out after some six years of providing care, the commitment, in my opinon must be absolute and unconditional.

The two reports that follow give national statistics and specific example of care givers under 25 and the numerous challenges specific to this age group. If you are a care giver, your comments are welcome. If you are a care giver 25 or younger, your situation is most welcomed as you fall into a unique category that would benefit find more than just medical support in addressing your challenges.

Young Care Givers In the USA, by the national Alliance for Caregiving & United Hospital Fund

National Association of Home Care & Hospice

(Summary of above report) As evidenced by the bills introduced in the last three years, family caregiving issues are now on the policy agenda at both the federal and state levels. However, less than 25% of those family caregiving bills that were introduced were enacted, and the programs and laws that currently exist only skim the surface of what is needed. In caring for their loved ones, family caregivers save taxpayers an estimated $306 billion
in long-term care costs a year.2 As new legislative sessions get underway in states across the country and in Congress and as the public becomes more aware of caregivers’ stories – their contributions to society and the harmful effects they often suffer as a result of caregiving, we expect lawmakers to continue to promote policy initiatives and innovations to support the nation’s family caregivers.

Be Seeing You!
Ronald M. Allen

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