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The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007

Posted on February 28, 2008 by Katyayani You can click on the pdf file marked in red for a scanned copy of this Act. But before you do that please read the ‘Statement of Objects & Reasons’ for this law… for then your contextual knowledge and conceptual clarity about this law would be higher.    What [...]

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Charity Care does not only affect the so called indigent!

In the USA 84% of its citizens have health insurance. In 2006 47 million American did not have health insurance of which 37% of these uninsured households have an income of over $50,000 as reported by the US Census Bureau. Can you afford to wait another four years?

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A book per month

The ability to adjust one’s thoughts and actions in light of the results of acquired knowledge, it’s application, denotes a willingness to adjust to the reality of life, intelligence.

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Care Givers Under 25!

A true go getter that literally sailed the seas and brought her family across three continents within which she established her life style, how things were to be achieved. Now dependent on her children she received good care and better than most.

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To Latin Neighbors, Cuba Plays the Good Doctor

NY Times, February 17, 2000 HAVANA JOURNAL To Latin Neighbors, Cuba Plays the Good Doctor By DAVID GONZALEZ    HAVANA — Nieves Dinora graduated from high school in Nicaragua with good grades and no prospects. Since her father, a farmer, had no money to send her to college, she figured marriage and motherhood were her [...]

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