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Discovering the Valleys of Neath and Port Talbot

The valleys within the Neath Port Talbot County Borough in the Swansea Bay region form a remarkably beautiful and largely undiscovered part of South Wales. Where mighty industries once flourished, the scars of this industrial past are now vanished and nature has reclaimed the deep sided valleys and hills. Thick forests of coniferous trees and ancient oak and birch cover the hillsides, whilst the valleys are penetrated by fast flowing rivers and streams with countless waterfalls down the valley sides.

Centuries of human activity have given this landscape a special character. There is the famous Roman Road, Sarn Helen, which can still be walked along the length of the forested ridge above the Dulais and Neath Valleys; picturesque Neath Abbey; Margam Park with its magnificent Castle and Orangery; and landscaped gardens, canals, railways and early industrial remains, much now hidden deep in woodland.

This is an area rich in industrial archaeology with ancient iron and copper mines and workings. There are many fascinating buildings dating back to the early years of the Industrial Revolution, and waterways such as the Neath, Tennant and Swansea Canals, now provide linear corridors rich in wildlife interest; whilst the old railways and tramway lines that once carried coal now provide a superb green network of cycle ways and walking routes.

A feature of these valleys is that the whole area is so easily accessible, seven days a week, by frequent bus services from the centres of Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea.

Not only is using the bus better for the environment, it gives real opportunity and choice, for example for linear walks. With a range of bargain day, family and weekly tickets, it costs less than using the car. For senior citizens resident in Wales, travel is actually free. Buses give true freedom to undertake linear walks, ending your walk at a different bus stop or even on a different bus route!

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Healthcare issues ‘the Healthcare continuum’

For example; did you know that there is an initiative that helps citizens 55+ to acclimate back into the workforce by being trained and instructed to work with their piers and be paid for doing it? Perhaps you may not be aware of the many services your County Administration provides for all family members in time of need.

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Coresident Grandparent and Grandchildren!

In 1997, 3.9 million children were living in homes maintained by their grandparents — 5.5 percent of all children under 18. Researchers, public policy makers, and the media first began to notice an increase in the number of grandchildren living in grandparentmaintained households in the early 1990s.

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County Services + EAP Assistance = Solutions

Their purpose is to provide assistance on a wide range of family issues, personal needs and professional development related challenges. These services are provided by federal, national, state specific and even partnerships among not-for-profit and for profit organizations.

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The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007

Posted on February 28, 2008 by Katyayani You can click on the pdf file marked in red for a scanned copy of this Act. But before you do that please read the ‘Statement of Objects & Reasons’ for this law… for then your contextual knowledge and conceptual clarity about this law would be higher.    What [...]

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Charity Care does not only affect the so called indigent!

In the USA 84% of its citizens have health insurance. In 2006 47 million American did not have health insurance of which 37% of these uninsured households have an income of over $50,000 as reported by the US Census Bureau. Can you afford to wait another four years?

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A book per month

The ability to adjust one’s thoughts and actions in light of the results of acquired knowledge, it’s application, denotes a willingness to adjust to the reality of life, intelligence.

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